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Possessing nearly half of the world’s population, the Asia Pacific region is incredibly diverse. Hundreds of ethnic groups and languages have created a kaleidoscope of art forms that remains unparalleled to this day. Additionally, over the past several hundred years, Asia Pacific has been a destination for artists from all other continents and these artists, combined with immense local creativity and inspiration, have created a harmony of styles and forms that must been seen to be  believed.

Museum Pasifika, located in Nusa Dua, Bali, was established as a permanent institution to showcase these styles and forms for all humanity to study and enjoy. With over 600 works on permanent display, the museum is an important complement to the scores of public museums in Bali and the region.

Each of the eleven pavilions is represented: Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Indo-European, Exhibition, Indochina, Polynesian, Pacific, Tapa and Asian, with engaging and insightful articles by some of the world’s leading art experts. Museum Pasifika: Selected Artwork of Asia Pacific is a tribute to the artistic and cultural heritage of the region and is a required resource for all interested in the fascinating and complex region we know as Asia Pacific

Our History

Although relatively new in comparison to most museums in Bali,

Museum Pasifika is the home of an extensive collection of artworks from all over the Asian Pacific region.

It mission, to preserve and divulgate the diverse and multifaceted traditions of its people, as well as to put these side-by-side with significant oeuvres from the 20th century which communicate not only the perceptions of foreign artists travelling to this area of the world, but also the cultural “melting pot” originating from such exchanges.

The pursuit of this vision proved itself to be challenging at times, yet resilient. What was originally conceived in 2004 as an “Asia Pacific Art Centre”  was opened in August 2006 as Museum Pasifika. Through the passion which was invested by its founders, we find today a world-class institution in the heart of Nusa Dua with an ever-growing collection of formidable standards for everyone to enjoy.

Although such a collection is permanent, since Museum Pasifika’s opening we have hosted a number of temporary events, perpetuating and promoting the rich array of cultural activities within Bali as well as internationally.

Due to this lively and fruitful interaction with the local and foreign community, throughout the last three years Museum Pasifika has received a multitude of visitors from hotels, schools, the tourism industry, diplomats and official representatives as well as, of course, travelers and art lovers from all over the world.

Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, chairman of the Bali Tourism Board, announced: “We welcome Museum Pasifika’s initiative to promote art and culture of Indonesia, and to give visitors and residents the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of our country. The tourism in Bali is forecasted to exceed 2.5 million visitors of 2010 and we hope that many other initiatives like this one will come to increase our reputation of cultural centre of the archipelago.”