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Wonderful Indonesia Appreciation Award for Museum Pasifika

The Wonderful Indonesia Award In its effort to promote Indonesia Art, Culture and Heritage, Museum Pasifika has been given a Prestigious Award from The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for its involvement and achievement in Indonesia tourism industry since the Museum opening in 2006. The award was presented by the Tourism Minister, Mari Elka Pangestu in the presence of Deputy Minister DR. Sapta Nirwandar on 29 December 2011, at Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta.

The Wonderful Indonesia Award is positioned as the pinnacle of achievement for stakeholders in Indonesia Tourism Industry. This recognition is not only an affirmation of Museum Pasifika unwavering commitment to promote the country’s precious Art & Culture with Asia Pacific artworks as the central topic; as stated in Museum Pasifika's mission, ‘Beyond a cultural center and an international tourist attraction, Museum Pasifika wants to also offer social and educational opportunities for both students, artists, and residents.