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Romualdo Locatelli

Romualdo Locatelli (1905-1943), a painter, was born in Bergamo, in Northern Italy.   The Locatelli family is known for producing three generations of artists including painter Raffaello Locatelli , the sculptor Stefano Locatelli, and the Italian/Brazilian fresco artist Aldo Locatelli. As early as age eleven Romualdo Locatelli attended art classes, and his teacher Francisco Domenighini noted him as being an “intelligent and studious boy.” At the age of fourteen Locatelli assisted his father in executing decorations for the parish church of San Filastro, 25 kilometers from Bergamo.  Locatelli then studied at the Carrara Academy directed by Ponziano Loverini. At the age of twenty he first exhibited and began to receive critical recognition. He made a study trip to Tunisia in 1927, followed by trips to Sardinia, Tuscany and the Veneto. In 1933 he moved to Rome where he executed a portrait of Victor Emmanuel III, which was exhibited in the 1938 Venice Bienale. Immensely successful in Italy, Locatelli’s work was soon collected by the Pope and Benito Mussolini.