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Andre Maire

Andre Maire, (French, 1898-1985)His father is Mayor Jules quickly his son Andrew’s school drawings of the Place des Vosges, where he was introduced to Emile Bernard by the poet Rodet. Emile Bernard became the mentor of the young painter. He entered the shop Devambez, and the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, then to Great Cottage, where he met the writer Albert Decaris particular, the sculptor and painter Roger Prost Nivelt.

In 1916, Mayor Andre made his first trip to Thunder in the master, mobilized at the front end of 1917 it will end the colonial war in the infantry on the advice of Bernard, which will consolidate its propensity for distant horizons. On each trip, the Mayor will bring the documentation that will work in his studio.

He stayed in Indochina for his first trip in 1918-1919, he became art teacher in Saigon before returning to France to marry in October 1922 in Venice, Irene, the daughter of Emile Bernard. In October 1921 in Italy, where he stayed in Venice and held his own gallery, Spain, India, Africa, Andre Mayor travels the world armed with paper, pencils and brushes.

Mobilized during the Second World War, Mayor escapes prison camps and joined Burgundy. He was honored in 1946 by the Grand Prize of FWA that allows it to reach Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Dahomey and Senegal. After ten years spent in Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam), where he was appointed professor of drawing and sculpture at the School of Architecture of Hanoi, he left Indochina in 1958. The same year he won the award of Madagascar that will join in January 1959.

After a recent trip to Madagascar, and Martinique (in 1968 he received the award of the Martinique founded in 1940), Andrew Mayor ends his life to paint landscapes, women, between Paris and Semur-en-Auxois where he resides. His work in France is also very important especially for drawing and painting in Paris, Marseille, Avignon, Normandy, and of course with the Auxois Burgundy (Bastien Lepage Award of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1961 for a work of France)