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Exhibition of Miguel Covarrubias

After 76 years since the artist published his book, his art works are on displayed in our museum until December 2013. Featuring 115 drawings, paintings and photographs demonstrating the artistic and documentary value of the Mexican artist’s works and the wealth of Bali.


Here The opening of the exhibition with Mexican President H.E Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto welcomed by Museum PASIFIKA founder H.E Mr. Philippe Augier.


Student Visit Programe, for Miguel Covarrubias Exhibition. French International School in Bali, and Local School.

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Wonderful Indonesia Appreciation Award for Museum Pasifika

award wonderful indonesia

In its effort to promote Indonesia Art, Culture and Heritage, Museum Pasifika has been given a Prestigious Award from The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for its involvement and achievement in Indonesia tourism industry since the Museum opening in 2006. The award was presented by the Tourism Minister, Mari Elka Pangestu in the presence of Deputy Minister DR. Sapta Nirwandar on 29 December 2011, at Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta. 

The Wonderful Indonesia Award is positioned as the pinnacle of achievement for stakeholders in Indonesia Tourism Industry. This recognition is not only an affirmation of Museum Pasifika unwavering commitment to promote the country’s precious Art & Culture with Asia Pacific artworks as the central topic; as stated in Museum Pasifika's mission, ‘Beyond a cultural center and an international tourist attraction, Museum Pasifika wants to also offer social and educational opportunities for both students, artists, and residents.

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Floor Plan


The floor plan of Museum Pasifika

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Admission Ticket

Adult: Rp. 70.000 / $ 8, Children under 10 years : free. For Study visits School and University, please contact us for appointment and admission ticket

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Guest Comment

  • The early rooms are a mixture of excellent and fairly mediocre works of local reference. The Pacific artefacts' room is another story altogether. Although from a limited number of places, the room has real impact. It should have far more prominence in the Museum's literature and advertising. This room justifies the fee and is well worth a visit. Photography is only two of the eleven rooms - fortunately, this rom is one of them. (VicD450, Tripadvisor)
  • I was very impress with this museum, colection is huge, beautiful, well arranged and informative about art in Asia pasific. Painting absolutely magnificent, premier art are amazing too! It have cafe also inside museum to relax after visit collections. Brilliant concept!. (Menikita, Tripadvisor)
  • Beautiful Blend of Balenese culture and the whole wide pacific arts area, they even have a Matisse,the rooms flow together and theres abeautiful courtyard.The visit was a delight. They have beautiful music playing and I suggested they sell copies of the cd. (Robert L, Tripadvisor)
  • So why were we the ONLY ones here? This must be Bali's best kept secret! That or tourists must be brain dead from too much sun and bintang. Or maybe they think the art is only in Ubud. Well, hello! This is a phenomenal collection! Anyone with an interest in Asia or in art or in artists in Asia would surely want to explore this collection.... (TeamBrad, Tripadvisor)
  • This giant, empty complex (we didn't see a single other person) has an incredible collection. The explanations are smart and concise, the themes of the rooms well-chosen, the presentation carefully thought-out and the diversity welcome.(jesuit123, Tripadvisor )
  • A brilliant display of Balinese art, history and culture. It is well worth including this museum in holiday plans. .(Christine340, Tripadvisor )